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Digital Signage…   So where do I start?  and what do I need?
Step 1. Select a Digital Signage Display, Video Wall or Touch Screen?    

ViewTV will firstly help you select the correct “Fit for PurposeDisplay Panel. We can supply every size available from 24” right up to 110” as a single panel.
Or if you project requires a Large Format Display, ViewTV designs and builds custom sized Video Walls with either 46” and 55” modules combined to create
any size or shape matrix video wall you require. All displays are also available in a Touch Screen version.  
ViewTV are the only New Zealand manufacturers of Integrated Digital Signage Displays, Video Walls and Touch Screens.  
ViewTV offers complete end to end Solutions,

1. Concept Design   2. Hardware   3. Software   4. Installation   5. After Sales Support (SLA) & Maintenance   6. Content Management.

ViewTV have also developed their own proprietary Central Content Management Software “Playlist”. …Whereas our competitors simply resell products they
know little about from overseas distributors or Chinese importers.
…and how will this benefit my business?
Reduce Ongoing Costs
After your initial investment (like all investments) Digital Signage will reduce your ongoing printing and distribution costs of static signage and eventually
pay for itself over and over again.
Digital Technology
Installing a Digital Display gives you far more versatility than a static print. Display Video content, Live TV (Or any HD input), Scrolling Text Messages, RSS
Feeds, Real Time Weather and Time/Date information. Even integrate with Databases (Exchange Rates/Flight Times etc…), Websites, Twitter, Facebook or
3 Party Content Providers.
Remote Content Management
Remotely time schedule and manage your display or entire network of displays from anywhere in the world via a web browser user account. Instantly
update content, influence purchase decisions and effectively inform or engage with your target audience using ViewTV Playlist Digital Signage Software.
Step 2. Purchase our Content Display Hardware - Digital Signage PC   

Displaying your content is simple and effective with ViewTV’s own custom designed Digital Signage PC. Whether you are purchasing one of ViewTV’s displays
or using your own existing TV or Display monitor, ViewTV’s Content Management PC connects via HDMI or VGA to your display then only requires Power and
Data (Either a fixed Ethernet Cable or a Wi-Fi network) to run your display.
Step 3. Manage your Content - ViewTV “Playlist” Digital Signage CMS Software  

Once you purchase a ViewTV Digital Signage PC, your Content Management Software “Playlist” is already pre installed ready to go! Simply log on to our client
online secure web portal www.viewtv.co.nz/playlist and enter your assigned account login details. Your content can be updated to your display over the
Internet via LAN, WAN, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, or onsite via USB (If no network is available and as a backup).
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